What’s the Best ED Treatment in 2022?

Our ED guide focuses on the cost, efficacy, and convenience and more regarding erectile dysfunction treatment, and also offers a free trial offer

Over half of males are affected by ED throughout their lives. Although the condition affects older men more than younger men , half of erectile dysfunction sufferers within the United Kingdom are over the age of 60 , those suffering from ED are spread across a range of age. 5 percent of men who are under 40 years old suffer from complete ED and are unable to achieve an erection with no treatment. If this sounds like you, then you’re certainly not the only one. ED is a very common condition. A recent study found that about a third of males suffer from ED in some way.

It’s an illness that’s manageable by 2022. There are a variety of ED treatment options that have been proven to work for the majority of men suffering from ED. The question is: which is the most effective ED solution for your situation?

To assist you in making a decision to make the right choice, we’ve reviewed and tested the most popular treatments and providers and reviewed all the research conducted by scientists. We’ll go over the various options available to you.

For those who are who are in a rush Here’s a brief summary of our suggestions.

What is the most effective ED treatment?

Best overall: MenScript sildenafil

The best option if you don’t have money: Manual Cialis

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The best for convenience: Manual Cialis

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Erectile disorder (ED) as well as what could be the cause?

The term “ED” is used to refer to the condition of not being able to obtain or maintain an erection for long enough to enjoy a enjoyable sexual activities. It covers a variety of situations:


  • You can get an erection but are unable to keep it going for a prolonged period of time.



  • It is possible to get semi-erect but not completely firm.



  • A erection isn’t going to happen in any way.



  • Sometimes, erections occur however, sometimes they don’t.


What is the cause of ED?

There are a variety of causes for ED. Although it is more frequent when men get older, it isn’t a condition that’s an inevitable part of aging; Erectile dysfunction isn’t something males or their partners need to “just accept”. It’s also not something that should be the source of embarrassment or shame. It’s a normal occurrence and there are a variety of ways to get it:


  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)



  • Obesity



  • Diabetes



  • Stress



  • The use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs (recreational or prescribed)



  • Sleep disorders and exhaustion



  • Depression and anxiety


Considerations to discuss with your healthcare professional

Before you begin the ED treatment, it’s a good idea to consult with your healthcare doctor. If you intend to take advantage of any of the prescribed ED treatment options, then you’ll need obtain an appointment with a physician that means the doctor will examine your medical history and health to determine whether one of these treatments is appropriate for you.

However, even if prescription medication isn’t the most effective option It’s still advisable to speak with a medical professional. There are a myriad of possible reasons for ED and the erection issues you experience could be a sign of an underlying problem that needs medical attention.

There are many good reasons to choose our top suggestions for the best ED treatment are free consultations with a doctor who will assist you.

Treatment options for ED with prescriptions

In terms of easily available ED drugs Here are the best options:

Sildenafil (brand example: Viagra, available in generic form)

Tadalafil (generic available with brand name ex: Cialis)

Avanafil (Stendra)

It’s true that each of these drugs works in the same way, achieving the same result. They are all classed as “PDE-5 inhibitors” and they aid in the development or enhancement of the effects of nitric oxide within our body.

How do PDE-5 inhibitors function?

What exactly does nitric oxide accomplish? It plays a role in vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) in the penis, thereby increasing the flow of blood. Nitric oxide (NO) basically instructs specific muscles of the penis to relax. Relaxation of these muscles permits blood flow to rise to the tissues in the penis, which causes the penis to expand and become stiff, creating the erection.

PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5) is a chemical that the body releases in order to signal that it’s time for the erection to end. PDE-5 inhibiters reduce the activity of PDE-5 and allow the NO process to continue, which results in an erection.

The use of any of these drugs will not cause an immediate erection. Thankfully it is still necessary to stimulate. However, when stimulation is present it gives the medication a helping hand to increase the production of nitric oxide as well as its results, which results in an sexual erection.

Are these ED medicines are safe for me?

There are contraindications to each of the medications (i.e. the reasons behind for why one should not attempt to take it). People with certain liver, cardiovascular or kidney conditions might not be able to use ED medicines in a safe manner. People who are taking alpha-blockers and nitrates to treat hypertension might need to look for other options to manage their ED. There are additional health issues that can make PDE-5 drugs dangerous for males.

This is the reason they need the prescription. A physician who consults you can determine the most safe and efficient for you based on your medical history as well as any currently prescribed medications you are taking. The good news is that PDE-5 medicines for ED are widely prescribed and healthcare professionals consider they are very safe for the majority of males, with only minor side effects observed.

People who have difficulty discussing these issues in person with their doctor may opt for online services such as MenScript Manual, Treated or. They all offer online consultations and prescriptions through an simple and fast online procedure. Manual and Treated ships into the United Kingdom, while MenScript provides their services to men who live in and the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

For more information on MenScript and its services, go to: MenScript Online Health Clinic for Men.

The side effects of PDE-5 inhibitors

When side effects do occur, are usually moderate and usually include one or more or all of these:


  • Headache



  • The sensation of flushing on the face



  • Nasal congestion



  • Nausea or indigestion



  • Muscle pain



  • Dizziness


Although they all rely on the same basic mechanism for treating ED studies have confirmed that the various PDE-5 inhibitors can cause mild adverse effects in different amounts. For instance, a greater percentage of those who use sildenafil (and Viagra) report unintentional vision changes, whereas an even higher proportion of Tadalafil (and Cialis) users report muscles discomfort. In the end, many men don’t notice any adverse negative effects.

All of these PDE-5 inhibitors could cause your blood pressure to fall (though Stendra is less likely to trigger this). It’s tempting to think that this is an excellent thing however, blood pressure that is too low can be dangerous. If you experience dizziness after using any of these drugs it is important to talk with your doctor; this could be a sign of a possible risky decrease of blood pressure.